’s Gold Investor Channel Watchlist publishes the daily closing market price of the sector’s top 5 gold performers plus 20 investor-leading gold companies to follow. Gold has always maintained its investment appeal at all stages of development, from exploration through to production. Gold stocks can move quickly on news or in reaction to world events. As new discoveries become rarer and exploration and production costs increase worldwide, gold will continue to play an important part of any investment portfolio.

The Gold Investor Channel Watchlist is your quick daily market dashboard for the leading gold companies to watch.

Published at market close daily on, the Investor Channel Watchlists cover over a dozen key market sectors and engage investors daily through data-driven stock watchlists that follow the closing market price for 20 companies selected by the team. Distributed by and powered by Moovly Media Inc. (TSXV: MVY), the Investor Channel Watchlists are a vital daily resource for the busy investor. Bookmark and subscribe now. For more in-depth coverage and analysis of the gold sector, go to